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12.9" iPad Pro 2020 Review - Still The Best Performing Tablet For Performance and Productivity in 2020?

Why did Apple even release such a small update to the 12.9" iPad Pro 2020 instead of just holding up for the rumored Mini-LED model?

Is it because the Apple fans got a lot excited?

Do you know why?

Well, in this post, we are going to be taking a look at the 12.9" iPad Pro 2020 from an enormous point to view and see why it even makes sense for Apple even to release it.


Of course, the 12.9" iPad Pro 2020 looks familiar.

The form factor of the 12.9" iPad Pro 2020 has not changed, and it's just a refresh to the best tablet in the world we all love.

But there are some improvements which push it even further ahead of the competition this time.

So, there are only two significant improvements to this year's 12.9" iPad Pro.

And that's the A12Z Bionic chip housed inside and the new camera system which looks like a plant's face in the Plants vs. Zombies game.

Now, again the new chip is incredible.

This is precisely what makes the 12.9" iPad Pro 2020 a monster that's even more powerful than the previous version and puts it miles ahead of the competition.

It crushes almost every benchmarking test in any benchmarking software for any tablet device.

And it comes with 6 GBs of RAM with a whopping 1 TB of storage to process and store all your data.

And you would be surprised by how consistent is the 12.9" iPad Pro 2020 when using it for any work.

And if you love gaming, multitasking, or doing anything resource-hungry or love to make the most out of any device, well, then you could try out the 12.9" iPad Pro 2020 for a test. And you'll be surprised by the amount of power housed inside this performance beast, not going to lie.

You can have many tabs open with a bunch of desktop websites or keep many things in the memory, which will serve as the best performing tablet of all time.

What's even cooler is you also get a super snappy 120Hz display and a 240Hz touch refresh rate in this beast, and if you love faster response times from mobile devices, then this could be your best bet for tablets yet in 2020.

So, the performance is overall good as always.


The all-new camera system on the back that's something that got a tremendous amount of attention, and you will, too, if you own a 12.9" iPad Pro 2020 and is in front of a live performance holding a book full of a device blocking everyone's view.

And let's be honest here, no one's going to be doing some severe photography on an iPad. That's the truth.

But having some cameras here while Apple kindly puts a set of new cameras on the back of the 12.9" iPad Pro 2020 is, of course, a good thing to have because you might be scanning some documents or just is merely doing some video calls.

And this all-new camera module is a lot better most of the time than the previous version's module.

So, suppose you love experimenting with AR. In that case, that's when the 12.9" iPad Pro 2020's camera module comes in handy because Apple is now having a considerable lean towards AR technology these days.

So, you got a 12-megapixel primary camera @f2.4 on the bottom of the module, which is not as good as the iPhone 11 series, but it is still pretty good.

And then you also get a 10-megapixel ultrawide camera @f1.8, which is also pretty fair cause dual cameras are, of course, better than a single camera.

And on the right-hand side is the third spot on the module, where the wired looking opaque circle is. And that's a LiDAR scanner.

Light Detection and Ranging is its long-form in case you were wondering what the heck that is.

A LiDAR sensor is essentially used to scan the light that bounces off objects to create a depth map to get a second layer of understanding of the world around the camera, which is a camera mainly used in massive tech projects in controlling and navigating rovers in other planets.

So, the 12.9" iPad Pro 2020's LiDAR sensor is an impressive depth sensor overall explicitly made for AR.

And, the thing is it would come in handy if you love AR and love to measure and experiment with the AR technology, which for most people will not make sense cause everyone's not an engineer or an employee working in NASA.

But most probably, according to Apple, most of the time, there could be, and we could expect a LiDAR sensor in the new iPhone 12 series releasing in the next couple of months, which was delayed because of the coronavirus.


And still, if you open the Camera App on the iPad Pro, there is no Portrait Mode in the App, which is pretty crazy to think of. Oh, Come on, Apple!

Still, the 12.9" iPad Pro 2020 only supports Selfie Portraits. At least we have it in Selfies from the tech giant's 12.9" iPad Pro 2020  ;]

Also, the 12.9" iPad Pro 2020 comes with some mic improvements as well. Good stuff. Keep it up, Apple!

And BTW everything we loved about the previous iPad Pro is still here.

The quad-speaker system from the previous generation's iPad is still here, which is still the best in class in any tablet.

And battery life is still excellent.

USB Type C is still here. Still keen to have.

You'll also still find helimagnets all over the iPad for all those magnetic accessories that fit in with the 12.9" iPad Pro 2020.

So, now, if you have a magic trackpad, its time.

You can now use a real cursor on the 12.9" iPad Pro 2020, which is incredible, primarily if you are used to computers so that you don't have to miss that cursor feeling even when using an iPad.

And the cursor pops up as soon as you connect it, which is also pretty cool.

But one thing to note is that it's not your typical arrow cursor, and it's more of a translucent circle.

It pretty much moves around as you would expect with your cursor inputs and has some pretty cool multi-finger gestures, which is the same as what you would do on a Mac. Overall, it's pretty cool to have feature support within the Apple ecosystem.

So, should you buy the 12.9" iPad Pro 2020?

Well, overall, if you get hands on to a 12.9" iPad Pro 2020, it will quickly become your dream smart tablet because of the performance it gives you as well as the features it provides with some outstanding improvements to the previous generation while still giving you some new features to play with.

And, yeah, I got to admit, its miles forward from its competition, as you would always expect with Apple's technologies.

Overall, the New Chip, the all New Camera module, and all the Tech housed inside make this beast the best performing performance monster tablet yet in 2020 without a doubt.

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