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27" iMac 2020 Review - Time to Buy an iMac!

Okay, so the new 27” iMac 2020 is here.

We’ve all been waiting for it since last year’s model.

So, is it worth buying?

Well, in this post, let’s find out!

Stick until the end with me to find out and make sure you make the right buying decision!


So, let’s start with the design because that’s the main thing you will be able to see and feel physically when you see an iMac.

In terms of design, it’s the same thing. Not a lot has changed; you have the same ports, two Thunderbolt 3, 3 USD ports, an audio jack, and an SD Card slot. The big update is that you can buy it with 10 Gigabit Ethernet Port while it was reserved for the iMac Pro. And that’s great!

So, if you currently live in a country that has Gigabit Internet, then you’ve got lucky; feel the experience as soon as you get to buy or use an iMac. That feels a lot more satisfying. I am not going to lie! It’s 2020. Gigabit internet is something that everyone must try out.

Now, the big deal this year is that now you can buy the nano-textured display with or without on your 27” iMac screen, which was previously reserved for the XDR display only which helps to reduce the glare that you see when a light source is taken near or is facing your screen or basically if your screen is in an environment with uncontrollable light sources.

This has been done right. It’s textured into the glass. 

Guys, it’s designed by Apple. You know it. 

If they do something, well, they might be a little behind with a time comparison, but they do it right when they do it.

As I mentioned above, it significantly reduces all reflections hitting the display. And that’s something even I love to have in all of my screens cause it’s honestly useful when you are in an environment with uncontrollable light sources.

Technically speaking, if you have a regular glass glossy finish screen, yeah, of course, it might look a little bit brighter, but in bad lighting conditions, you might get irritated by the reflections.

Screen brightness, Color accuracy, and Color gamut are all still exceptional on its display, and it’s most likely the same 5K displays Apple has been using for a while. However, it’s one of the best displays out there on the market, and it looks even better with the nano texture.

And the other addition this year is the webcam. Its 1080p, and that’s the same webcam that you’ll get on the iMac Pro, and not going to lie, it’s so much better than the webcam on the MacBook Pro 16.

If you do video conferencing or make video calls, oh boy, you will love it compared with the previous version.


The speakers are also the same as the previous iMac, but this year’s main difference is that they added a variable controller to the T2 chip to equalize the sounds. So depending on the type of content you are watching, the equalization setting will kick in to offer you a better sounding experience for all the money you put on this big boy.

So now you might be asking yourself, well, are they as good as the MacBook Pros, which are the best speakers ever on a laptop?

Well, its almost as same, but it sounds slightly better while being louder and offering you better mids and heavier bass.


This is the next considerable change in this iMac and comes with three microphones like the MacBook Pro 16, but the big difference is that you don’t get those beam-forming mics, meaning it’s not going to follow your voice you are not directly in front of it.

But when talking about the iMac, its okay, and it’s not going to be any harmful, cause most of the time, you are most likely staring at the iMac all the time.

And the quality of the microphone is the same as the MacBook Pro 16.


When it comes to performance, you would think a new Gen desktop PC would destroy the iMac. But at the same time, this is precisely where the software optimization comes into play and changes everything.

A new high-end CPU and a GPU would beat out the iMac with no brainier. Still, when you are using software specifically in the Adobe Package, maybe you are a content creator or a graphic designer, that’s when everything changes. So, when you are using Adobe software’s you will find out that the iMac can really keep up with the game and sometimes becomes the clear winner.

And even if you are using After Effects to render a high resource-intensive project, you will be surprised to find out that the iMac is sort of worth the premium price tag.

So, if you are a developer, you might be asking me, what about us?

Well, the same story applies here too. And especially because you would be using macOS, you have that Unix Kernel Compiling Code using the CPU will be faster on the iMac. So, heads up developers, you might want to give this a try this time.

And gamers might be asking me now, man, you just forgot us? Nah.

You can game on this iMac! The 5700XT card that comes with the iMac supports and is capable of gaming. The main downfall is if you are used to higher refresh rates because you are stuck with a 60Hz display.

But, Apple could have added that Pro Motion to their iMac lineup, and this could have been a good time to do that even though they did not.


Well, thermals on Apple devices are always hot topics because some MacBooks got pretty heated up and got some high temperatures lately, with their thermals being designed almost as trash.

But in fact, Apple has a deal with Intel to get the best Silicone from the fabs that are coming out of the manufacturing process, meaning their CPUs can handle higher temperatures better than any other manufacturer’s CPUs.

Of course, there could be times when the temperatures bump up as high as 90 degrees Celsius, but the software experience will make sure you get the best user experience out of Apple computers.

So, should you buy the new 27” iMac Pro 2020 or wait for version 2021?

Well, the iMac 2020 may look as same as the previous version even though it had some significant upgrades, but they have done a pretty good job at upgrading all those new things that count.

The 10 Core Intel i9 10th Gen paired with a 5700 XT from AMD runs smoothly; you get a better webcam and microphones this time, which helps if you are working from home, better speakers to listen to the best hot beats, and also they let you buy the iMac customized with a 10 Gigabit ethernet and a nano-textured matte display which does wonders will make sure you are future-proofed for a pretty good time, at least for a few years from now.

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