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Arlo Pro 3 Review - An Advanced Intelligent Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera To Beat!

Oh, hi.

If you are serious about home security and love to have a peace of mind, there’s nothing better than a dedicated camera setup.

The Arlo Pro 3 wireless is one of the very best options in the market trending right now, offering you some 

super smart features, powerful 2K HDR video recording, impressive night functionality and is full weather-resistant, meaning the rain can’t let in robbers.

So, in this review, I’m going to dig deep into the best features and what Arlo Pro 3 offers you to save your house from strangers.


First up, just like the previous Arlo cameras, this product, too, the Arlo Pro 3, is straightforward to set up and thanks to their wireless design technology.

The camera communicates with the bundled base station over your home Wi-Fi, meaning there’s no need for cables through every wall ruining your house, so you do need to worry about drilling or anything awkward like that.

You also get two kinds of mounts bundled in the box to make sure it matches your particular home aesthetics.

You get a magnetic mount as well as an armed mount in the box itself, both of which allow you to easily reposition your Arlo Pro 3 camera at any time to get the perfect view through its camera no matter the circumstances.

The camera’s body is small and pleasing to see and thanks to their form factor.

But in case you want to reposition them in some place, they should for sure fit any look thanks to their sleek design so that you don’t have to worry about a giant brick housing cameras inside looking weird and catching attention every single time someone visits your house.

And any visitors or even most importantly, any criminals will have no idea that you are watching them in the house or on the go.

Also, don’t worry about leaving these cameras outside your house in the perfect place 24 hours a day to get the ideal viewing angle whether these cameras come with UV and weather-resistant sealing.

These cameras will happily work in all the temperatures in between 45 degrees Celsius, sweating heats to down to -20 degrees Celsius snow storms which is a unique, innovative build which lets other cameras in the same price range to let go and give up the competition, which makes the Arlo Pro 3 a real winner.

Setting Up

When the camera is mounted or is simply in place, connect them over Wi-Fi to the base station and then set them up via the App, which makes absolutely no more than 10 minutes which is mind-blowing when compared to other wired cameras in the same price range that takes hours to set up even with some help of a technician which makes things even harder which gives the Arlo Pro 3 a head start to its competition.

And when everything’s set up, you can enjoy the live view with some popcorn via the App in real-time, even if you are on the go.

Most importantly, they work very well with Apple’s HomeKit and Google Home to make things even more comfortable. Whatever you prefer using, it will work correctly with those virtual assistants too.


The Arlo Pro 3’s camera work in an even wider view than ever before, giving you a full 160 degrees angle, meaning you get to see a lot more than other competitors offer in the same price range.

Of course, you don’t need to sit there and stare at a display for your camera feed unless you see some strange creepy person is walking in your backyard for a hunt cause if you have your Arlo App installed on one of your devices, you will immediately get a notification if some suspicious behavior is detected so you can check out what’s going on right away and thanks to its motion detectors being smart enough.

Arlo also features an optional subscription feature to their devices, which unlocks a whole lot of more worthy smart features which makes it even more powerful and intelligent as long as you have subscribed to one of their subscription plans, which only cost around $2.50 a monthly which is a pretty fair deal.

One of the best and coolest subscription features you get is the ability to set up action hotspots for your cameras via the App.

And, that’s to make sure that the camera only kicks in you a notification when some enter the hotspot or the unauthorized zone, which is a lot better rather than it giving you a message every single time someone gets into the frame, which is an outstanding feature especially if you have a large backyard or is living close to a street where anyone can pass by at any given time in front of your camera.

And Arlo Pro 3 can even clearly identify humans, animals, or even vehicles, which you would benefit immensely if you live in front of a street lane. You don’t want any animals or cars to trigger your camera as a suspicious behavior giving you multiple notifications every single minute saying suspicious behavior detected, which will make you hate your camera, which of course, will not ever happen with the Arlo Pro 3.

The Arlo Pro 3 can also send you a notification whenever it detects a parcel being dumped in front of your doorstep, which will again come in handy hand in hand if you love shopping stuff online like me.

And also, a subscription gives you a full 30 days of cloud storage to store all of your recorded clips so that you don’t want to worry about losing anything that’s important.

Accessing the recorded clips is also very easy, and you can access the clips whenever you need it, which is even handier.

As long as the video quality is concerned, the Arlo Pro 3 cameras can impressively record up to 2K HDR quality videos, 80 percent more pixels than its previous version.

The visuals are sharp and lovely even when you view it through a larger screen like a tablet or even a laptop.

You can even zoom in up to 12 times, and still, the image stays sharp enough to identify anyone caught on camera, which is pretty impressive.

Also, the HDR feature’s contrast stays sharp enough no matter the lighting situation; whether it be day or night, the colors are accurately picked up and also it accurately picks up the subject even in tricky lighting conditions, whether it be bright daylight or nights with the use of the built-in spotlight.

Technically speaking, Arlo Pro 3 accurately picking up the colors of the clothes and hair that the suspicious person entering the house was wearing can help out the police correctly identify the person who was in a bad situation.

It also comes with built-in infrared sensors giving it the ability to work and pick up sufficient detail even in complete darkness. Again, the quality you get when using the built-in spotlight is seriously fantastic.

You can activate the Arlo Pro 3’s powerful spotlight at any time with just a quick tap of the button via the App, or even you can have it activate automatically whenever any motion is detected so that the creepy dudes will know that they are being watched.

And if that wasn’t enough for those sneaky creepy dudes, you can blast them off with some beautiful, meaningful words of yours cause you also got 2-way audio support as well in the Arlo Pro 3 so that you can use your verbal power as well to keep them out of your house.

And even there’s a loud siren built it which will scare the heck out of anyone that tries to sneak into your house which can be activated with just a tap of the red warning icon on the top right corner of the App, or even you can call a friend directly to come in as backup as well.

And more significantly, iPhone users can access their siren or even call a friend from their smartphone’s lock screen through the notification you get, for fast action instantly.

So, should you buy the Arlo Pro 3 Smart Home Security Camera?

Well, if you love to protect your house with the use of some impressive Smart Home Security Cameras that will keep the creeps out of your house and at the same time a camera that will record and monitor your most important daily household activities 24/7 and would provide the best features yet for your investment in Home Security and most importantly gives you a peace of mind when thinking back about the valuable assets inside your house while you are away, the Arlo Pro 3 Smart Home Security Camera is the very best option for you in the market right now. And the choice is yours.

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