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ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control and SmartSensor Review - Nimble Sleeker and Louder!

This is the new smart thermostat from ecobee, the successor to the wildly popular ecobee three, and ecobee four intelligent thermostats.

This time ecobee drops the number iteration and goes with the name “ecobee smart thermostat,” which is confusing for most people.

The ecobee four looked similar to the ecobee 3; the new ecobee smart thermostat also looks very similar to the ecobee four but with some outstanding improvements.

Once you open up the box, you will be able to find all the familiar accessories that you would typically expect from ecobee thermostats as usual.

Right on the top is the ecobee smart thermostat, as well as the small pressing sensor.

Below that, you will be able to find a small gray box with the installation guide, the wall mounting plate, power adapter, the stand for the pressing sensor, and some additional hardware inside.

And one thing to note is that the plate that you get with this smart thermostat is a bit larger, meaning it can cover some holes from your previous thermostat if your walls have them, which will help you hide them easily worries.

And that stuff you get in the gray box is pretty much everything you need to get started and have fun with the brand new ecobee smart thermostat and get it up and running.

Smart Sensor

This is the new and improved smart sensor where ecobee has done an excellent job this time.

The smart occupancy sensor will ensure that your smart home is adequately cooled or heated so that you don’t have to do it manually next time after installing the intelligent thermostat from ecobee.

It will automatically detect when someone is in the room and ensure that the room reaches your desired temperature for the best home vibes.

Occupancy sensors can also make sure that someone is home and not running your heat or A/C all the time unnecessarily.

So, technically the little bees are a complete redesign from the previous generation smart sensors they included in the past with their intelligent thermostats.

Now hey have a metal base that is magnetic and pumps right in to place on the top of the little bees, which is also a pretty cool gadget.

And don’t worry, it’s pretty magnetic, and it won’t easily fall without any force onto it.

And when compared to the previous generation, it is a much better design.

It looks good overall form design to the technology housed inside, and the combination of the white and metal even looks and feels way better than the plastic in their previous versions.

Props to ecobee this time for their little bees!

This occupancy sensor is one of the best features you'll get from the ecobee’s smart thermostats.

Smart Thermostat

The ecobee smart thermostats were also redesigned with a new glass front, which before was and felt like plastic when interacting with it.

This time, it looks way better and interacts with the user a lot better, primarily because of the front panel’s glass design.

And other than that, it also looks very similar to the previous generation of smart thermostats from ecobee.

On the back, you will see the speaker situated on the very bottom of the device, which has also been vastly improved in this generation and sounds a lot better than the previous version.

But, it still is small; however its enough to fulfill your expectations for a smart thermostat of this size cause it’s not going to be loud as an Amazon Echo smart speaker anyways ;]

Along the top, there are more vents and the status light for when you are using Alexa through this smart thermostat.


Speaking of Alexa, there are all the new Alexa features here as well, so you can manage and monitor everything with just a few words to your virtual assistant.

You can do a lot more now with Alexa than with the previous generation ecobee Smart Thermostats, which had limited Alexa functionality.

You can also make phone calls now with the ecobee Smart Thermostat by using Alexa drop-in, which is essentially an intercom between multiple Alexa devices and Alexa messaging.

Of course, you can still play some music on the ecobee Smart Thermostat using Alexa.

If you liked Alexa before in the previous generations of ecobee Smart Thermostats, then you will like it even more now on the new one.

And of course, if you want to mute it, you have that option as well.


The ecobee Smart Thermostat comes with the same mounting plate as we’ve seen in the previous generations of the ecobee Smart Thermostats.

So, suppose you already have an ecobee Smart Thermostat set up in your home. In that case, you can go ahead and pop the new ecobee Smart Thermostat to the old mounting plate that is in the previous generation’s one, where you can save the new mounting place for replacement or as a backup if you want, which will save you some bucks in your bank account.

And there are no differences in the mounting plates, and the ecobee Smart Thermostat should work just fine even though you set it up with the old mounting plate.

Once you finish mounting your ecobee Smart Thermostat to the wall, you can pull up your phone and download the ecobee App. It will walk you through all the basics such as which wires are connected on the ecobee Smart Thermostat, how many rooms does your house has and how large is your home, and just the typical smart thermostat setup that takes all the necessary information from you to tailor the best experience for you to have with your heat and A/C for your home.

And when the setup is completed, that’s just it, congrats!

You can now control your heat and A/C just with a tap on your smartphone or with any compatible smart home device.

The previous generation ecobee Smart Thermostats were a bit laggy when interacting with them.

Fortunately, this new ecobee Smart Thermostat comes with a new quad-core processor inside, making it insanely fast and smooth compared to the previous generations.

The new quad-core processor inside this ecobee Smart Thermostat makes a difference if you were to try it out physically, and everyone would be glad that now we have such a powerful processor in here.

You also get much better Wi-Fi performance now with a frequency of 5GHz, which will help a lot when streaming music or using it in combination with other smart home devices, which will let you get the most out of your ecobee Smart Thermostat in a matter of seconds.

The 5GHz Wi-Fi frequency support now will also make sure it’s not losing that Wi-Fi signal anytime when using it or simply sitting on the mounting plate.

The new ecobee Smart Thermostat also works Apple HomeKit, meaning if you live in the Apple ecosystem, this new ecobee Smart Thermostat got you covered without any third-party integrations.

Setting it up with Apple’s HomeKit is extremely easy, and you can control your ecobee Smart Thermostat using Siri or the Home App.

And when you try to pair it, it may seem like you do not have a pairing code, but once you hit “do not have code”, you will be able to see your new ecobee Smart Thermostat showing up, and when you tap on it to add, a HomeKit pairing code will display on the thermostat’s display itself.

Now, you can go ahead and enter it manually, or you can also use the QR code scanner using your camera to scan the code for faster paring.

You’ll then add three different accessories to your HomeKit App, your ecobee Smart Thermostat itself, and a couple of other smart sensors such as a temperature detection sensor and a motion sensor.

Once you finish adding all these accessories in the HomeKit App, then you can use the App for any sort of ecobee Smart Thermostat automation, including the smart sensors.

So, should you buy the new ecobee Smart Thermostat?

Well, the fact that the new ecobee Smart Thermostat is the most loved and best-selling Smart Thermostat in the market right now cause it is a lot feature-packed Smart Thermostat makes it a clear winner in its competition.

And the new ecobee Smart Thermostat is an excellent addition to any Smart Home to make life even more comfortable.

So, suppose you are currently using the 3rd generation ecobee Smart Thermostats and want some new extra features while retaining the features that you have previously had and loved in your ecobee Smart Thermostats with some outstanding improvements to them. In that case, the upgrade to the new one will be well worth it.

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