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Fist Only Challenge - Insane Gameplay

Yo, What's Gucci? 
So In this Video, We thought To Spice Things Up a Little Bit. So, We Ended Up Playing With Only The Fist, Which We call The Free Fire Fist Only Challenge. 
And The Rules are Simple, We Can't Use any Weapons Or We are Disqualified. And For Our Surprise, We Got A Booyah In The Second Game. And Yeah You Heard It Right!!! We Got A Booyah Literally In The Second Game Like No Joke. We Were So Pumped To Share The Video To Y'all With The Hope Of You Guys Will Love It. Make Sure To Hit That Subscribe Button If You Loved The Video And Hit That Like Button If You Found It Interesting, Also Don't Forget To Share The Video So Yeah Guys That's Pretty Much It For This Video and We'll Keep You Updated With Videos Like This And We'll Catch Y'all In The Next One. Stay Safe Y'all. Peace Out !!!
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