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iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max Review. Yet the Best in Town?

To be honest the first question I would politely like to ask myself is “Does the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max deserved to be called Pro”. And just to clarify, the reason for that is because there's really not many “Pro” things included in it by Apple.

But, don’t worry, in this post we gonna find out and dig into what's really in it as well as what could have improved by Apple.

First up, gotta give props to Apple in the first place cause these are still the best iPhone Apple has ever made, at the time of writing this post.

Speaking about its brother, the iPhone 11 Pro, nothing is really special and the differences are really subtle which will probably require a “Pro” to spot em. The most reasonable differences are basically the screen size and the battle life in both of them. And moving further, they have the same A13 Bionic chip, have the same cameras, nevertheless both run on iOS 13.

And the purchase decision between both of em will depend on o which Screen Size you would prefer [I would go with the max cause I love bigger screen phones just because of the fact they have bigger screen real estate = more fun], Color, and Storage Size. 

They both have the same design and are a bit faster than the previous version which was the iPhone Xs Series. And they both come with the toughest glass in any smartphone which Apple calls them BTW. So, if you are rich enough to buy another phone maybe try smashing it with an elephant leg, and lemme know. 

But, that being said I would definitely recommend you buy a screen protector to make sure you don’t scratch your display even though it comes with the “Toughest Glass” on it.


To be honest the iPhone 11 Pro Max is super fast, thanks to the A13 Bionic chipset, games load quicker, Apps load faster[even some heavy-duty Apps], and overall the experience seems a lot more responsive to the user when compared to their previous flagships.


Coming with the “Super Retina XDR display” [God, Apple is so good at marketing, naming their products] which are better than the ones in the Xs Series, brightness maxes out at 800 nits but if you are watching an HDR video, it then peaks at 1200 nits.


I’ve been able to get around 12 hours of phone usage every day with the iPhone 11 Pro which comes with a 3046 mAh battery and generally around 14 hours with the big boy “Pro Max” which comes with a 3969 mAh battery.


Oh boy, the Cameras, that’s what all we are here for,

Both come with 3 rear cameras, wide being 12 megapixels @ f1.8, the telephoto being 12 megapixels @ f2.0 with 2x optical zoom, and the ultrawide being 12 megapixels @ f2.4. All 3 cameras are ….. pretty good…… not bad.

And, You know what? These are the best cameras ever on an iPhone. Gotcha.

And different manufacturers have made their cameras for different outputs. Many phone companies out there make their cameras process photos to make em look vivid. But, Apple, on the other hand, makes their photos look more natural/true to life.

And they included a new night mode which will if you are shooting in the dark, will automatically detect and enable, also, you can turn it off if you want. But, the results are not that good nor bad. And one thing to keep in mind, you can’t use the night mode on the ultrawide camera at all which is straightforward a bummer.

The front camera is also 12 megapixels, @ f2.2 is not that fancy when compared to the back, but, it will take some reasonably good looking selfies for you. And hey, it's good for recording videos. And heyyy, do you do TikToks or have a YouTube or maybe even live streaming, this selfie camera got you covered for starting out. Don’t worry, trust me.

Talking about the video, now, you can also shoot slow-motion videos from the front selfie camera which is a plus. And, you can shoot up to 4K 60 fps from both the front and back cameras. And the video looks good even when changing lighting conditions while maintaining consistent exposure and a lot less noise.

So, is the iPhone 11 Pro and the Pro Max for You?

Well, it depends. They are definitely better than the previous iPhones and the most powerful smartphone on the market at the time of writing this post which could change in this fall which the release of the new iPhone 12 Series. Exited? Same here! 

So, if you don’t want the best phone on the market and really don’t want to spend $1000+ on a phone, there are get around. The iPhone 11 is the most practical way while you still can give a shot on some Samsung and Google Pixels.

So, to wrap it up, the new iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max don’t just feel good. It's actually good!

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