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iPhone 12 Pro Max - The Legend Continues...

Its nearly the iPhone Season back again.

So the rumors are starting to circle about the all-new iPhone 12 lineup.

Exited? Same here!

So, here’s all the new information about em all, starting from software, hardware up to a few other upcoming brand new Apple products.

So as y’all might have heard, the iOS 14 is the new OS that’s about to release with the new iPhone lineup launch. But, spoiler alert, thus, gives us some clues about the new upcoming hardware as well.

9to5Mac has found two symbols of some brand new over-ear headphones in the software code. Guess what? The colors are Black and White.

So, the chances are they could be released with the launch of the new iPhone 12, but at the same time, it could be released somewhat earlier as well.

They are believed most likely to come with the same features as the AirPods Pro, with active noise cancellation, instant pairing, and automatic shutoff when you take them off your ears.

And talking about iOs 14, there is one huge rumored feature that many people are going to be a fan of is the ability to change the default apps to third party apps when you touch on to launch them. For example, suppose you have Safari as the primary web browser. In that case, you will have the ability to change it into Google Chrome, and other music apps can be opened when you play a song set to Apple Music by default previously.

But remember, its just a rumor, and there’s a big chance that it will not happen because it completely goes off the Apple ecosystem.

And finally, there would be a new iMessage feature, a modern fitness app compatible with the iPhone, iWatch, and Apple TV.

When talking about the iPad OS, there will be some improvements to the Apple Pencil you would love to use the Apple Pencil.

Moving on to the iPhone changes, there will be improvements for the features that came up with the last year’s lineup, the iPhone 11 series, and at the same time, there will be some significant changes as well.

As of the last years iPhone names Apple was creative enough and were really good marketers in marketing and naming their iPhones, so basically the name just matched with the MacBook Pro, iMac Pro, and AirPods Pro, which let them create an entirely new lineup from that single word “Pro” which gave life to the new iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

As rumors are saying, we can get the same naming as well, like, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Yo, what about an iPhone 12 buddy? That’s great, huh? I just created that name when creating this post. So, if an iPhone comes out in that name this year, I will claim copyrights from Apple for that ;]

And, here we go; finally, we’ll see the significant design shift this year since the iPhone 10.

Apple doesn’t tend to change their single design year ever, as many other manufacturers do, and when thinking why it actually makes a lot of sense to me, it’s a great way to maximize their profits. And it seems like they have mastered it and made their sweet spot to be once in every four years for a new design to be introduced to the market.

Excellent marketing tactic, Apple!

And as of the latest rumors, we will be going from the rounded design of the iPhone to more of a squarer finish than the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.

And it looks better, of course, but at the same time, it makes more sense because they can get more room to put more gadgets inside the iPhone, from the housing space they gain from that squarer design.

And when talking about the sizes, we will also be looking at an iPhone with a design size of 6.7 inch Max model, which was 6.5 last year and the standard 6.1 inches iPhone 12 and at the same time, a smaller version with the size of 5.4 inches which will become the iPhone 12 Pro.

I guess the reason why the iPhone 12 Pro will be shrunk down, is because I think it has been on steroids all this time ;]

And also, there is an unconfirmed report of a 64-megapixel primary camera sensor, which is much larger than the 12 megapixels we currently have with the 11 Pro.

And In case you didn’t know, the larger the sensor, the more detailed the images can be; the better the pictures can be in low light and more tremendous dynamic range potential. A larger sensor can also help with greater depth of field/background blur.

As of with the additional time-of-flight sensor that will be added to the 12 Pro, the regular 12 gaining a telephoto lens, which was absent on the 11, but there will be no time-of-flight sensor.

As the 64-megapixel sensor is smaller than the 108 megapixels that come with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, but that doesn’t mean the iPhone will take bad photos when in comparison, because as you might know, photo processing software does wonder and is a considerable element to keep in mind as well.

And talking about the screen, the last couple of years, android users have been laughing for the notch design in the iPhones, but it seems like Apple will change that this year.

As from a rumor recently, a punch-hole cutout has been defined as an option too similar to the S20 Ultra. But, the housing space for all the sensors in the front of the iPhone, like the FaceID sensors, will be a little struggle for Apple to think of, but I’m pretty sure they’ll find a way out of it cause they gain more extra housing space from the squarer design.

As of many leaks, the considerable possibility goes for a notch that will still be present in the iPhones, but it will be significantly smaller this time.

And just because it’s 2020, you already have been thinking the next iPhone will come out bezel-less with all the sensors being on the top in a tiny space, but the possibility for that is super low; expect the fact, Apple has figured out a way for that like, maybe the sensors will pop out like the pop-out cameras in other phones. However, even though someone in Apple might have come out with that idea, there is still a considerable chance that that design would be rejected because Apple makes their phones more durable than others and love designs that don’t wear off over time.

One more thing we could expect to see in the new iPhones would be the 120Hz screens as it already seems to be the standards in 2020 flagships, so why not expect from the best phone manufacturer, Apple?

And as leaks tend to say, it will only be available on the iPhone 12 Pro and the 12 Pro Max and not on the regular iPhone 12; it will remain in the previous standards – 60Hz.

Talking about the performance, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max will house 6 Gigs of RAM, and the regular iPhone 12 will come out with just 4 Gigs of RAM.

And all 3, the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and the 11 Pro Max will support 5G, as of leaks.

Talking about the ports, the USB Type C charging, oh come on Apple on this one, say goodbye to the lighting, let people charge their iPhones, their MacBook’s and wireless headphones via one USB Type C cable.

And lastly, talking about the colors, an all-new Navy Blue color could be seen in the upcoming lineup, as per leaks.

So, are Y’all excited?

Let me know in the comments down below this post!

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