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MacBook Pro 16 2020 Review - Say Hi To The Performance Beast!

Props to Apple first up for this being the best laptop Apple have ever made for a lot of people!

They have fixed the hilarious keyboard which was in the last year’s model, have given it a new bigger long-lasting battery is inside whilst making it a bit thicker, have fixed the thermal performance issues, have built a bigger screen with thinner bezels. What else to expect?

And for the fact, it is slightly bigger in every dimension than the previous 15-inch model even though the design is the same plus with a slightly the higher weight of 4.3 pounds instead of 4, again which was the previous models’, but the performance packed inside that beast is insane.

So, in this review, we gonna dig deeper to find out what’s that good stuff inside this year's beast.


The extra thickness of this bad boy gives it some room for a larger battery which comes with a 100-Wh lithium-polymer battery in which the battery life is excellent for up to 11 hours of web browsing which is nuts. But, a quick fact, if you are doing some heavy duty tasks like editing on Final Cut which will drain the battery faster and it will always depend on the type of work you are putting on to this beast.

And BTW, the new charging brick comes with a hefty 96 watts to power up this monster.


This Monster is powered by a 2.4 GHz 8-Core 9th Gen Intel i9 Processor, 64 Gigs of RAM, AMD 5500M 8GB GDDR5, and a storage space configurable all the way up to 8 TB [BTW, not overpriced] if you are doing any content creating or watch a lot of 4K Movies or do not have an idea about buying an external storage drive in the near future.

And if you know about the last year’s overheating model, you might be thinking, this comes with the same processor that was in the previous model, but, because it is a bit thicker, everything is fine in this model with the heatsinks being a bit bigger and the fan blades being a bit larger and have some more room to breathe with the redesigned internal components which give you a 28% thermal efficiency.


It's not a mechanical keyboard, instead they have a new the version which they have switched back to their scissor switches and its significantly gives you a better typing experience than those good old butterfly keys while giving you a good amount of key travel and its more durable and stable which means some good healthy vibey confident key presses even when you are not pressing the keys right in the middle.

They have also included a new layout to which was pretty annoying on last year’s model. And now it has a dedicated Esc key on the left separated from the touch bar and also a dedicated Touch ID sensor, on the right-hand side and the new inverted T layout for the arrow keys [good for gaming, at least in my opinion].

Webcam & Microphone

Also, they have improved the built-in microphone with a much better signal-noise ratio. And it is really good. Even the webcam has got better, but it's not the best yet.


Oh boy, the speakers are really damn loud. They have been improved to blast off your favorite music to have a really good party time. And guess what? It’s the best sounding speaker ever on a laptop.

So, should you buy the all-new 2020 16” MacBook Pro?

Well, in fact of course this is the best laptop Apple has ever made. And this new beast is better in every way than the previous model and fixes specifically those problems. So, as always if you would love to give it a try and love to spend $6000+ on a high-end monster powered laptop, well then why not go for it? You’ll probably feel better to own one of these beast performance powerhouses!

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