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Razer Viper Ultimate Review - The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse in Town Yet in 2020?

This is one of the highly excited gaming mouses of all time from the gaming community since it was seen used by some Pros some live events.

And this is the brother of the wired version, the Viper gaming mouse from Razer itself.


This is the wireless Viper Ultimate gaming mouse, which only weighs 74 grams, which is insane.

So when you get it out of the box, which is right next to the included charging dock, it visually looks identical to the wired version.

Technically speaking, if you loved the previous original design, you still have it here, which you would love to see.

Also, it comes with a charging dock, which is just a fancy way to charge this gaming mouse which, if you are a gamer, you would love to have as well.

You can also charge this mouse via a micro USB cable, but I wouldn’t personally use it since its built for a wireless experience, which at the same time most of the people out there will too find useless, but still, if you’d prefer to go wired, then it’s for you.

The charging dock connects to your PC via a cable, and it connects the mouse with magnetic design and connects through two pogo pins and what’s even lovelier is than it has Chroma lighting on the bottom of it to visually indicate the battery status, which a lot of people love to have primarily when gaming.

And the lighting change is changed to a specific color or a particular effect, and when its docked up, it will have a breathing effect starting from red to orange and green to give a visual of the battery life.

So, turning fully green means its fully charged up, and orange means low battery, and red indicates battery critically low.

Another cool feature in the charging dock is that it has a USB slot integrated to plug in the wireless receiver. Suppose you don’t want to plug it into your PC all the time. In that case, you can plug it into the dock, which not only will save you a USB slot on your PC but also to have it closer to the mouse so that it can give it a better signal quality when using and doesn’t mess with the signals that are created when using the mouse.

And also, the back of the dock has a little sticky material so that you can have it stuck on to something like your PC itself or your desk to make sure it doesn’t fall off when using or sitting on there just chilling.

Talking about the mouse’s weight is a wireless mouse, which is a substantial considerable factor, especially for gamers, it is only 74 grams, which is impressive for the price you pay for.

Talking about this mouse’s aesthetics primarily intended for gaming, the Razer logo is, of course, fully illuminated, which is on the top end of the mouse with some RGB lighting.

And on both sides of the mouse, it comes with a rubberized grip, which is also lovely to have and also has two side buttons on each side, which can be programmed to whatever action you what it to do.

And on the underneath bottom of the mouse, it has a DPI control button with five stages, which is excellent, and the power button is right below that, which is also a nice to have.

And the mouse comes with some better feet on the bottom this time for easy super smooth gliding when you are using it.


It comes with the Razer Focus+ Optical sensor inside, which goes up to 20000 DPI, which is unnecessary but is pretty cool to have features when gaming.

And one thing to note is that the Razer Focus+ Sensor makes sure that you get the best possible experience when gaming. Their Hyper Speed Technology makes it 25 percent faster than any other wireless gaming mice out there in the market.

It is not going to lie the sensor inside this gaming mouse; it is pretty fast and reliable when connected with the least amount of interference when using the mouse.

And also, as Razer love to call this is the fastest, most reliable wireless gaming mouse on the market right now, I agree with them.

And it comes with the same purple, optical switches that are in their wired Viper gaming mouse, which is at the same time is also the same technology that is being used in their optical-mechanical keyboards, which is fast.

And the mouse is rated at 70 million clicks is also pretty craze.


The Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse is also rated for 70 hours of continuous use, which is insane, but that’s, of course, without RGB, but that’s still 10 hours a day for an entire week on one charge to game with the mouse.

But still, if you want to use some RGB while saving some battery life, you can change the RGB to a static color or even reduce the brightness to a lower level, which would be enough for you to chill with cause its still going to save you some battery life at the end of the day.

But for a wireless mouse at this price range and this size and weight, the battery life you get out of it is pretty crazy, to be honest.


In the Synapse Software, under the customize tab, you will configure any of the nine mouse buttons excluding the left mouse click and the side of the hand you are using the mouse, which is also pretty cool.

And in the performance tab, that’s where gives you the ability to change your DPI settings, which also gives you the ability to pick your preferred stages.

And in the lighting tab, you can change the light effects and the brightness, which at the same time is one of the primary tabs in the software you will find useful, especially if you are someone like me who loves RGB lighting.

And under the calibration tab, you can control the Focus+ sensor according to your preferred option.

The Smart option is where you set it to automatically scan and detect your muse pads surface, which will come in handy if you are continually changing mouse pads or have some tears or wares in the mouse pad.

And the Manual mode is whereas the name suggests, lets you calibrate the mouse manually.

However, I would highly recommend you to use the Smart option, which does excellent all the time, unless you are a pro technician who knows what you are doing using the manual mode to precisely calibrate your mouse according to your needs or otherwise can cause some tracking issues.

Also, you have the power tab, which you can use to set the power options of your mouse for things like letting he mouse sleep if you don’t touch it for a specific time and also setting the mouse to low power mode when your battery comes down to a low power percentage.

And one thing to note is that the software does also has a mouse battery indicator icon, which would come in handy in which the case if you use the mouse regularly so that you can know when its time for a quick charge.

And there is also an accessory tab, where you can change the controls of your charging dock.

There, you can change the lighting effects, the brightness, or even sync with the impact of your mouse, which is, of course, pretty cool.

So, should you buy the Razer Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse?

Well, hands down, this is one of the most used wireless gaming mice in the current market which I’ve personally seen many gamers use because of the features it provides and the technology that it packs inside for the price that you pay for especially when compared to other wireless gaming mice in that price range.

And this could be your daily mouse if you try it out once, especially if you are someone who loves to go wireless while having a lot of integrated features for very intense gaming.

From build quality to the mouse’s shape, up to the tech housed inside, everything feels perfect and the perfect dream wireless gaming experience you can expect from Razer right now, which is a dream come true for gamers.

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