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ROG Strix G15 Review - My Dream Portable Beast Powerhouse!

This is the ROG Strix G15 Gaming laptop.

This laptop is going to interest you if you are looking for a sweet, mid-range gaming powerhouse option where it is most likely about the style of gaming and RGB where you want to catch eyes or grab attention no matter where you are with a full RGB light show going on everywhere you go.


The build we are looking at is primarily a high-quality plastic that for a mid-range laptop is not the best, but it would still be sufficient for most people out there if all you are looking for is performance.

Right away, it is built for the ROG gaming style, which I love a lot BTW because of the main RGB going on all over the laptop, which seduces me a lot to make this my dream laptop in 2020 for all the power it gives out.

The laptop is super attractive, comes in 3 primary styles named Original Black: my go-to, an electro-punk version, and a blue glacier design that again is gorgeous.

There is an intensely glowing RGB light bar on all three of the laptop edges in all of the models, which makes the buying decision hard for most people. Still, from my perspective, from what I have seen so far, a lot of people love the Electro Punk Edition because the Pink is so eye-catching on this laptop in combination with the RGB.

The ROG logo is also backlit, making this laptop when cooler to look at and will have an appealing look to anyone who loves gaming laptops.

Taking a look into the side of the keyboard deck, the style is super customized out down to the line where you would be able to see across the chassis where they have engraved the Republic of Gamers and Strix Branding in all of the different languages, which is pretty cool. If you love tattoos, this would impress you from the bottom of your heart.

There are also trace lines on the edges of the trackpad, which makes it even cooler.

Talking about all the RGB aesthetics going on on this laptop, you would be surprised to find out that this beast even pulses its RGB even in sleep mode, making it look more relaxed than any other laptop on the market price range.


And the WASD keys are also customized to give it an eye-catching look for gamers where those keyboard keys are the primary keys that gamers use to play with.

And for sure, the first time you open up the laptop by your hands, you will be mind blown to the style going on this ultra-futuristic laptop.

Talking about the keyboard, it feels perfect and very similar to other ROG gaming keyboards, so if you have used any other keyboards in the past, you will be very familiar with the keyboard layout here.

The keys will feel very linear because it’s a laptop, so please don’t expect tons of essential travel and tactile feedback here, but this is a better gaming keyboard experience for gamers.


I can’t even talk about the screen, oh boy, it just feels so good and buttery smooth because they come in 2 different variations: the 144Hz and 240Hz screens.

With the display, you are getting some excellent brightness and better color reproduction than any other laptop in the market at the same price range. It can be used outdoors with a considerable amount of bright light.

This screen would do wonders, especially for gamers and multitaskers, even though graphic designers and digital creators would be happier if the screen were even better.


The speakers on the ROG Strix G15 are also great and will surprise most users, primarily if used for some heavy-duty gaming. Still, it’s always better to have a gaming headset plugged in for the most immersive experience without your inputs’ distractions.


Talking about the IO design, everyone would love to have their ports in the laptop’s back, which is precisely what’s in here too.

What you would be looking at in the IO panel is a Gigabit Ethernet Port, an HDMI port, a USB Type C 3.0 port, and a DC power connector, which powers this beast up to give you the best performance possible.

And on the left side of the chassis, you would also 3 USB 3.0 ports and a headphone jack, which is too cool to have, especially you have a lot of accessories to plug in a while using this performance beast.

There are no ports on the other side of the laptop, which is fine, but it could have been better if they could have thrown in some more USB ports on the right side as well.


You get a pretty good 48Wh battery housed inside, which could last for around 3 to 4 hours of battery life, which is pretty decent for a gaming laptop in this price range.

Still, it could have been better if they could house in a larger capacity battery to make sure we can use the laptop for a more extended period.


You can have this performance beast fully maxed out on its processor on an Intel Core i7 10875H, which is crazy. And if you are gaming at, best possible graphics maxed out or is simply a heavy resource user, not going to lie, this beast can handle anything you would throw at it at this price tag.


It does support dual-channel, and you can get up to DDR4 3400MHz of RAM maxed out at 32GB, which is pretty cool being the standard for a laptop in 2020.


You also get two extra NVMe expansion slots inside, which adds up to a total of 3 NVMe storage drives inside this performance beast, which is stunning, especially if you are usually dealing with a massive number of files that takes up tons of storage.

So, should you buy the ROG Strix G15 Gaming laptop?

Well, so what does this all feature mean?

If you are definitely into the style of this laptop and the look of the chassis and the flashy RGBs and love the ROG ecosystem or is a person who loves RGB a lot and at the same time is looking for the best performing laptop in the market at this price range, why not go for it?

I highly recommend this laptop to anyone looking for a computer in under $1500 while getting the best gaming and overall performance of a gaming laptop at this price range, which could be one of your most significant investments in 2020, especially if you are a massive resource user where this could be your dream portable beast powerhouse.

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