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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review - Super Stylish Beauty King is Back With Beast Specifications

This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

First up, I want to clear up something.

And that’s this is the best looking and best-built phone that Samsung has ever made. I am not going to lie.


It has a matte soft-touch finish on the back and looks a bit boxy flat on the top and bottom and even comes with razor-thin bezels, which is insane of a look.

And most people will love it.

It also has a dark rectangular, boxy camera bump to fit into the design of the rest of the phone itself, which is a pretty cool design, and whoever designed it Good Job, Well done. Props to You!

It also comes with an excellent vibration motor, which is incredibly high in quality housed inside. The ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader integrated to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which is pretty damn fast, makes it even a cooler masterpiece from Samsung.

And it also supports Wireless Charging, which will impress you all Wireless Charging fans.

And what’s even better is than it also supports reverse wireless charging meaning it can charge your other devices wirelessly, acting as a power bank on the go.

It also is IP68 water-resistant, meaning you can have some fun with water while carrying it around, which will be a substantial considerable factor if its raining most of the time in your area ;]

Unfortunately, there’s no headphone jack, and that the only thing missing here in a flagship high-end smartphone, which is pretty subtle and doesn’t even bother a lot except the fact that you use wired earphones for somewhat reason.

But when thinking about the current year in numbers, it’s 2020. In the era of wireless technology, we are integrated into almost every device we see in the current market.


The screen that’s in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is an ultra-awesome fantastic screen.

It is a 6.9-inch Quad-HD Super AMOLED display with also has an HDR certification and comes with a whopping 120Hz refresh rate with a tiny hole punch in the top middle of the screen for the selfie camera for all you selfie lovers who are outstanding when compared to the displays of other phones in the same price range.

And whether you are using minimum or the maximum brightness, it is crispy and is exceptionally significant.

And the screen is overall absolutely massive and has curved edges, which is also pretty cool.

Of course, having a display that goes right up to the edges of the device while only having a tiny hole punch cutout on the top makes it a pretty damn good experience if you love to watch videos or even movies with your phone where you will get a substantial media experience with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.


The speaker system on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is on the bottom of the phone, which could make it a bit suspectable for some easy accidental coverings while holding the phone, which could take out your chill a little bit. Still, other than that, it is a stereo speaker system, and overall the sound quality you get out of it will surely impress you.


The new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra comes with the beast Snapdragon 865+, which powers this phone to be one of the best among other flagships worth considering.


It also comes with 12 GBs of RAM, which would be pretty enough for you to handle all of your multitasking and video gaming as of being in 2020 while running the most demanding graphics-intensive gaming titles buttery smooth with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Combined with the 120Hz display is everything one could expect in 2020 for handling any task with your smartphone.

Without a doubt, you will get no performance or smoothness problems with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra no matter what you do in a smartphone in this same price range.

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

The same ultrasonic fingerprint used in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ultra-special and ultra-fast too when unlocking the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with just the use of your fingerprint.


The 4500 MAh battery housed inside the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is pretty good as well, giving you some perfect time to have fun with the phone while doing your favorite tasks.

You could expect around 6 hours of continuous screen-on time with approximately 15-20 percent battery left at the end of the day using the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra regularly, which is also pretty good for most of the typical daily tasks would do using a smartphone.

And the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra also supports the innovative 45-Watt fast charging technology, and even the wireless charging and reverse wireless charging features combined make it ready for any charging situation you could expect to have with your impressive Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.


First up, the camera system going on on the back of the phone is pretty cool.

The camera bump is also huge. It’s just like a big black block integrated to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s back, which will grab the eyes from strangers. Nothing’s wrong with that except you sit the phone on the table on the backside, but you should be fine if you would use a phone case to slightly level it down so that it doesn’t directly hit the camera system even if you fall the phone.

And the camera system alone looks a masterpiece, especially when looking at the three big rings of the three cameras, which looks trendy.

And housed inside the camera system bump is a 108-megapixel primary camera and a 12 megapixel ultrawide and a 12-megapixel periscope zoom camera, which is also a main highlight of the camera system in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra along with the 108-megapixel primary camera.

And one main thing to note, as I mentioned above, is that be sure to grab a case as soon as possible when you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra because it will do wonders to protect your gorgeous masterpiece techy camera integrated to the back of your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra for some added protection.

And if not, you can bet everyone around that you would never fall and destroy or even slightly let the camera bump of your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra even to get scratched a bit while walking around with a large glass smartphone with no protection.

I bet you can’t!

So, now you might be asking me how the heck are the cameras?

First up, they are great.

The addition of the laser autofocus in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra incredibly fixes some of the main problems that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was having, meaning it’s better in this one.

Unfortunately, there’s a little noticeable shutter delay when you try to capture a photo, which would not be a problem for many people out there. Still, if you are looking for an instant shutter immediate response when you tap the capture button, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will lag a bit in front of your eyes.

But other than that, if you can bear the shutter lag a bit, then it will turn out to be one of the most outstanding photos you could ever capture with a smartphone at this price range in all kinds lighting conditions, whether it be warm daylight, some harsh, terrible light coming from the sun, shooting at night, indoors or even at midnight.

No matter the lighting conditions, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will crush your photos, spicing things up for you to create your portfolio as a professional photographer ;]

And all the three sensors in the camera module that’s in the back of the phone will impress you with the sharpness and the overall picture quality you get out of it, whether it even be a 50X zoom from the zoom lens.

And the bottom line is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra got you covered for all your mobile photography needs.

And the 10-megapixel selfie camera which everyone would regularly use to update their social media is also pretty damn good and acceptable.

Talk about the video, the super steady mode, and all the 8K options that come with this beast. More significantly, the faster autofocus makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra exceptionally very good.

And Props to Samsung for all these incredibly innovative cameras housed inside the cameras system of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra!

And at the end of the day, you will think that the humungous camera bump is well worth it.

S Pen

The S Pen has also got some pretty considerable dramatic technical improvements in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which has mainly made the latency go all the way down to 9 milliseconds on the giant display of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

And the responsiveness you get out of the S Pen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is incredibly impressive to see and feel.

You would also love to hear the S Pen at work cause now you also get a sound now when you use it, which almost corresponds with the sound you would typically get when using a real-life wooden pencil or a chalk stick on a chalkboard, which is pretty impressive.

But unfortunately, at least for now, you cant turn off the sound, which I expect that would get the ability to turn it off if you want in an upcoming software update when a regular S Pen user starts to get annoyed by the sound and start reporting and complaining how it sounds like a nerd doing some nerdy thing in front of the public.

The S Pen may look like an optional accessory that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Still, at the same time, it can also be a vital tool for some people for some severe project sketching or even note-taking, which definitely would come in handy overall for everyone owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

So, should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra?

Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. Go for it.

If there’s any phone in the current smartphone market in 2020 that lets you feel like you are getting the whole complete package starting from the specifications house inside to the design, the build quality, to the cameras to the battery to the all the incredible innovative features that you get in the OS including the Edge Lighting, the Wireless Music Sharing and the Secure Folder, the Air Actions and the Reverse Wireless charging and even Bixby Routines which will help you to achieve a lot of things in your daily life with just a single smartphone, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra represents the absolute best stylish performance experience on a smartphone ever.

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